Just on a bead adventure, hunting the best deals for you and me. If I bought it at a good price, why can't you too...

Beads2string was established in 2006. Have been designing jewelry on and off since the late 1980's. Acquired many great suppliers and obtained great deals on beads. When I moved from Los Angeles, California to Ft. Worth, Texas all of a sudden it was a struggle to find beads. Could not believe how hard it was to find good beads at a decent price. If I was having this hard of a time, realized many other people are also. Some people only have the option to go to the big chain stores. That is unless you buy huge quantity and wait a long time for beads to be mailed to you. So I put together my list of suppliers and started stocking up inventory and thus began Beads2string in 2006. I have moved back to the dry climate of sunny California for health reasons which has also given me an opportunity to expand my suppliers to include craft and floral supplies to add to your inventory.

My goal for the store is to provide you with good quality beads and craft supplies at reasonable prices to allow you to make a GREAT profit. Yes, I know for some of the beads and gemstone I carry I could charge double the price. But if I got them at a great price, why shouldn't you get them at a great price too. Here is to finding many more buried treasures for you.

Anyone can string beads, it takes a true artist to create the design. ~Beads2string