Terms & Conditions

This is the what you need to know area of Beads2String ....

Do you have a blog? Yes http://themindofbeads.blogspot.com
Do you twitter?? Yes at: http://twitter.com/beads2string

Discount coupon codes:
Any time a sale or coupon code is offered in order to receive the promotion the coupon code MUST be entered at the time of checkout. Due to the fee structure of this venue and payment processor the promotion will not be refunded after transaction has been made if a coupon code was not entered at time of checkout. Any sale and/or coupon code will be for items in the store excluding shipping/handling charges.

**Lead Law** California Lead Law, findings are within the guidelines for adult jewelry in case you are wondering. Due to CPSIA laws items in this store are not intended to be used towards making jewelry or designs for children under 14. (Not going to spend $$ for testing and then have to raise prices which in turn would cause you to have to raise prices and never sell anything.)

You can purchase by credit card or PayPal.
California residents will need to add 9% tax rate.

Please keep in mind if you are purchasing from outside the U.S. you will be responsible for any and all customs fees, VAT, duty fees that your country may access. I do not live where you are, though I may like to; unfortunately, will have no way of knowing all of your custom fee regulations.

Grading of Gemstone Beads:
As for the grades of Gemstones, they will be usually B or C grade. When I get A grade I will put it as such in the listing. Will also provide any clarity or inclusions that I can see. If you are worried about the price vs. quality, please keep in mind most of the Gemstones are below retail costs. The gemstone pictured is for reference and may not be the exact one shipped to you; therefore, the color of the stone may be darker/lighter.

"Hand cut in India"
For those gemstones that are hand cut in India that I price at $4.00 or under, they are beautiful beads for that price. They may not be perfectly round and can range from the size listed to .5mm under or over that size. From a distance they look beautiful and the sizing or cut may not be that noticeable. They are indeed not Luxe gems (AAA grade) or the price would be 300-500% higher. I have a supplier that gives me a great price for the amount I buy and am just passing the great price on to you.

I am not a gemologist and as such provide the known name for beads/stones/crystals and not the mineral it is. If you are not aware that there are only 2 types of real Jade, then please be advised, when you see 'Jade' on the listing it is actually a type of Serpentine gemstone which is still beautiful.