Just on a bead adventure, hunting and sourcing the best deals for you. If we bought it at a good price, why can't you too...

Beads2string was established in 2006 and has been shipping jewelry supplies world wide since. Have been designing jewelry since 1988 and selling in stores or local events like you. After a move across the U.S. found there was a need for beads, gemstones, and craft supplies as local stores didn't carry a variety of inventory previously being obtained from suppliers through the years. This made me realize how many other people are out there wanting a bigger variety of supplies. So put together my list of suppliers and started stocking up inventory and thus began Beads2string. It has given us a wonderful opportunity to source and hunt for bead treasures to bring to fellow designers around the world.

Our goal for the store is to provide you with good quality beads and craft supplies at reasonable prices to allow you to make a great profit. Here is to finding many more buried treasures for you.

Anyone can string beads, it takes a true artist to create the design. ~Beads2string